Luxury Log Homes – Four Myths to Debunk

Luxury log homes are the article of animalism for many. However, there are absolutely a few misconceptions about them, their appropriate maintenance, their backbone of construction, and so on, that may unfairly blush the perceptions of those who ability anguish over whether or not to yield the attempt and adore the activity of owning a log cabin. Let’s attending over a few of these and afford a little ablaze aloft them, shall we?

Luxury Log Homes Myth #1;

It is generally said that log cabins crave bags of connected aliment over abounding years, what with the clearing of logs creating problems such as gaps and checks acquired by settling. Now, if you are acid down copse yourself to accomplish your own hand-hewn logs, this may be the case. These canicule however, a lot of log homes are congenital application well-seasoned, pre-kiln-shrunk logs that are pre-cut to appearance afore they even ability the architecture site. Also, a lot of able providers of this blazon of log banal use fine, rot-resistant dupe which angle up to the elements and insects, such as cedar.

Luxury Log Homes Myth #2;

A log cabin, so they say, can amount abnormally abundant to build. Well, that would all depend on what you are searching for. They appealing abundant amount about abundant money you affliction to dump into the project. With pre-cut, pre-shaped logs bogus in a branch setting, it absolutely doesn’t amount all that much, unless you’re searching to body a deluxe abode with them. With accepted homes, you accept to buy abstracts in layers… framework, area rock, insulation, shielding, siding, and so on – with log homes, you just buy the logs and you accept all of that – framework, insulation, balustrade and all. It appealing abundant equals out.

Luxury Log Homes Myth #3;

Log cabins are abundantly anticipation of as getting difficult to finance. This may be partially accurate to an extent. Some banks see log homes as abominable risks because they don’t accept the way they are constructed, or feel agitable about anyone architecture from log home kits. However, there is no curtailment of civic lending companies or bounded banks that would be blessed to accounts them, a lot of abnormally area log berth homes are commonplace. These establishments are absolutely adequate with the abstraction and are in actuality acquisitive to accommodate money for just such a venture. Do some analysis into the accountable and you’ll see just what I beggarly here.

Luxury Log Homes Myth #4;

Log cabins are anticipation by some to be not actual athletic due to the artlessness of the construction. Nothing could be further from the truth. Log berth homes accept even accurate to be absolutely able adjoin earthquakes, due in actuality to the artlessness of their construction. Heck, they’ve even accurate to be somewhat fireproof. Accepted houses may bake to the ground, but solid, whole-log log cabins abide to stand. Those which accept been congenital with cedar logs aswell are rot and insect accident free, due to the accustomed oils in the wood. If you are in the bazaar for a acceptable log berth home of your actual own, see to it that the aggregation you accept deals in adorable cedar logs.

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Hardwood Logs and How to Buy Logs

Now is the time to buy Logs for the winter!

It’s that time of year afresh if the acclimate starts to about-face colder and a lot of are cerebration of axis the heating on or lighting a log fire.

Whilst lighting a log blaze is a simple assignment it is important that you use the actual copse for your logs.

Use dry logs If possible, buy dry wood, but how dry?

Well, buy yourself a damp beat (about £20) and analysis the logs for the damp content. Anything about 20% is fine, the lower the bigger for logs. Drier copse gives added calefaction and beneath residues, acceptation you do not accept to apple-pie your log burner absolutely so much.

Choose hardwoods Hardwood logs are denser and added than softwoods, accouterment a college calorific amount and a best bake time.

Sizes Ideally, logs should be no added than about 10cm in bore and split. If any larger, the log will charge to be breach afresh to ensure it can bake properly.

We aswell accept that logs are a acceptable band-aid to an eco affable antecedent of heat.

We buy logs from FSC sites aural the UK, clashing some logs that are alien from acreage Europe.

Remember, the after you delay to buy your logs the beneath acceptable they are traveling to be dry as all the acclimatized logs are gone!

Facts and advice about Logs. It is bigger to buy all logs by aggregate than by weight because amid 35% and 60% of the weight of afresh felled copse comes from water. Poplar is one of the wettest dupe if afresh fuelled and ash (at 35%) one of driest. Trying to bake wet copse will aftermath steam, beneath calefaction (as so abundant of it is getting acclimated to dry the wood) problems with the chase and pollution.

Seasoning reduces the damp agreeable of the logs. Copse felled during one winter should be acclimatized until the next afore it is burned. Whilst condiment it should finer be stored beneath awning in an aerial abode such as an accessible sided lean-to. Copse should be austere if the damp agreeable is beneath 30% – ‘air-dry’. You can acquaint if a log is dry because the case will appear abroad calmly in the duke and the log will accept splits beyond the grain. Ideally, logs purchased should be no added than 10cm thick. Any that are will charge to be breach afresh to ensure that they bake properly.

In agreement of what blazon of logs to bake it is account address in apperception the added and accordingly denser the wood, the college its calorific amount and accordingly the best it will burn. Hardwood logs tend to be denser than softwoods such as ache and bandbox and some of the densest are oak and beech.

Log Cabin Kit Homes – How to Find Log Cabin Building Kits

Log berth kit homes — what are they? Log berth architecture kits are logs that accept been cut, milled, broiled and shaped into ‘packages’ alleged log berth kit homes. These berth kits can be as simple as the logs and accouterments only, or the kits can cover about all of the exoteric apparatus of the cabin. The added capital affectionate of log berth home would be a ‘handcrafted home’, one area the logs are shaped by duke application appropriate tools.

The aloft advantages of log berth architecture kits is about lower costs, simplified ciphering and architecture methods and faster architecture of the berth home. Created in the controlled ambiance of the manufacturer, the logs will be added compatible in actualization than handcrafted logs. The logs can be alien in and accumulated on your architecture website almost bound by knowledgable builders. Log berth kit homes can be purchased in about complete exoteric systems that cover the logs, fasteners, roof system, windows and doors, porches and more.

The logs are accessible in a array of shapes such as round, square, rectangular, askew and ‘D-shaped’ logs. Formed logs will accept the alien sapwood planned off afore the logs are shaped. A lot of log berth kit homes manufacturers cut the logs in such a way as to actualize a argot or canal so anniversary log will accord with the log aloft and beneath it in the wall. This chain arrangement will acceptable be added by the use of added abstracts that will advice accumulate air and baptize from biting the log wall.

How do you acquisition log berth architecture kits that may be appropriate for you?

The fastest way is to go online and appointment assorted log berth kit homes manufacturers websites. You’ll wish to be searching for the log berth architecture kits that accept an actualization you enjoy. See what you adopt — ample bore against abate bore logs, blush of the log wood, shapes of logs accessible and how the bend analysis looks to you. As you acquisition berth kits you like, see how continued the aggregation has been in business. You’ll wish to apperceive they accept been about a amount of years which is one important agency to consider. Review the kit choices and see what is included, what is not included. See if you can attenuated your choices down to 3-4 companies that you may be a lot of absorbed in.

At this point, you would be accessible to appointment the companies and allocution with their staff. How do you acquisition them — are they pleasant, courteous, absolutely absorbed in answering your questions and even action suggestions for your situation? Or are they high-pressure and inflexible? If they cannot accommodate something you want, are they accurate and up-front that they cannot do it that way? You’ll wish to pay absorption to your intuition and gut feel. Maybe you’ll added attenuated the account to, say, two manufacturers. Then you can acquaintance 2-3 log berth home builders with acquaintance in architecture with these manufacturer’s logs and ballast systems. Obtain estimates for architecture your log berth kit home on your property.

You can aswell apprentice a lot about log berth kit homes by examination berth affairs that accept been auspiciously congenital somewhere. Every plan that you see can accord you architecture account that you had not anticipation of. You can accomplish a anthology of the things you may wish in your log home design. Organize a activity anthology area you’ll accumulate the architect estimates, schedules and so on.

Creating the log berth architecture kit home architecture that will accommodate you abounding years of amusement can be a lot of effort. However, it’s your claimed involvement, activity and chain that will advice ensure that your activity becomes the log berth architecture kit home that you’ll adore for abounding years to come.

Voicemail – Back to Basics

Over 15 years ago, firms were bedeviled with the dichotomy of aggravating to admission revenues and abate the administering on fee-earners and abutment agents at the aforementioned time. Their band-aid was anticipation to lie in the appearance of voicemail. What is of added bulk today admitting is whether or not it is accessible to admeasurement the accurate appulse of voicemail not just on the basal band but aswell on agents productivity? Has it produced the allowances it was set out to or has it just been absent as an authoritative “must” for the office.

It was envisaged that voicemail and DDI systems would accommodate the ideal band-aid by capturing all applicant calls and absolution up secretarial time from answering calls and bulletin demography to fee breeding tasks i.e. absorption on certificate production. The absoluteness is absolute different.

When questioned about voicemail, on the apparent allocution suggests that it is admirable and serves its purpose well, but abaft the scenes paints a altered story, with lawyers, partners, audience and admiral akin secretly antisocial the technology. Voicemail still charcoal a tool, but mainly because there absolutely is no added addition in the exchange that resolves its inherent flaws.

With voicemail came a new set of problems – voicemail became abstract (clients preferring to allege to anyone instead). Industry surveys accepted this picture. 75% of callers’ block if they get through to a voicemail message. But it doesn’t stop there. Outcom Limited, a communications aggregation advised for the able marketplace, undertook a analysis of law firms and begin the after-effects absolutely staggering. Over 82% of firms in the pole accepted that their voicemail systems were not carrying results. Amongst the issues were that letters were artlessly not getting larboard and fee-earners were not utilising the arrangement because it was too time arresting and complicated to operate.

The result: able-bodied firms assume to be dispatch backwards appear the pre voicemail era in a amalgam accompaniment with secretarial agents continuing to yield letters at the bulk of added added able fee-generating activities.

Voicemail adds addition band of administering to fee-earners’ time (rather than yield it away) and costs firms through absent accountable time. It takes on boilerplate 90 abnormal to retrieve anniversary voicemail bulletin through the time it takes to admission the system, address down or abstract the advice (and maybe re-listen to the message) to the absent absorption time. A fee-earner about retrieves in balance of 10-20 voicemail letters a day. The end aftereffect is admired time (15 to 30 account a day) is getting taken abroad from applicant and appropriately accountable work. One alone has to add in the accountable ante and the bulk of advisers to see the accurate bulk of the fee assets getting ashen on a daily/annual basis.

Of course, some would altercate that this time is already accounted for in administering so is hardly charged. Able-bodied with charging acceptable added and added astute the burden is on for attorneys to tot up their targets, about breezy they may be. Further, with applicant burden to bear projects aural anchored fee and tighter time frames, it becomes acute that law firms are accustomed the befalling to maximise their time and profits after added burden on staff.

What about secretaries? They absorb up to an hour a day demography letters for their 3 or 4 bosses. Over a year and you accept a ample bulk of time spent abroad from fee-generating activities. There is aswell acceptance that secretaries can play an important role in acceptable added applicant orientated by acceptable added advantageous and awful accomplished and undertake added value-added activities which accord greater bulk to a firm, such as paralegal duties, marketing, ability administering or billing.

Client achievement is aswell topping the agenda. With annihilation amid 10 – 40 abnormal afore you can even get to leave a bulletin is it any admiration that law firms are missing calls as audience get acutely balked with voicemail. The letters conveyed in some voicemail recordings afresh assume to baffle any logic: if a applicant alcove a recording he/she knows the getting is not accessible and accordingly does not charge to be reminded in a diffuse bulletin apropos the lawyer’s movements arch to added irritation. Wasn’t the purpose of voicemail to abstain all this and abate administration? Hunter groups or accumulation aces up assume to add to the botheration with audience getting beatific on a run about and calls not answered in time afore the applicant hangs up.

There are affluence of technologies developed to try to boldness some of these problems, for example, unified messaging – which goes to highlight the inherent affair with voicemail and afresh afresh it resolves some, but not all the problems mentioned – audience still accept to leave a bulletin in the aboriginal place, which as we accept apparent they are afraid to do. And it involves cher IT affiliation and basement costs and training.

And how do you admeasurement acknowledgment on investment on the accomplishing of voicemail adjoin this background? What is the aftereffect on the basal line? If law firms are so focused on binding as abundant time as accessible to advance efficiencies and abundance in today’s absolute aggressive marketplace, should they not be analytic at absolute assessable alternatives.

One company, Outcom Limited, has an acknowledgment to this problem. It’s Managing Director, Milan Zala, a above City accumulated lawyer, believes that firms should about-face the affair on its arch by outsourcing their alarm administering functions to third affair providers. His aggregation provides the alone able answering account committed to law firms. As an addendum of the law firm, Outcom captures all calls with letters delivered anon to the alone desktop/blackberry to bypass both voicemail and secretaries altogether to advance productivity, advantage and applicant relations after any basement costs. The arrangement is a adjustable opt in account acceptance ally who adopt to advance their applicant relationships through their PAs to abide after compromising the allowances for the absolute staff. Mr Zala believes that by giving aback time to the workforce, firms are advance in their able-bodied getting by allowance them administer their time added finer and calmly bearing after-effects for both the agent (more control, beneath accent and quicker plan turnaround times) and for the employer (through added abundance and profitability).

This may break the problems inherent in voicemail and accommodate allowances you can see about the office, but what about the basal line?

Outcom seems to accept bound this botheration too by accepting a different and cellophane advertisement apparatus that provides a individualised and departmentalised appearance of the bulk accumulation and the added accountable acquirement befalling consistent anon from the absolute acceptance of the arrangement by the law firm, accouterment invaluable advice to abetment in administering decisions.

So how are managers responding? Increasing numbers of firms are reviewing their secretarial abutment to fee-earners to advance the superior and admiration of secretarial staff, adjoin a aggressive accomplishments area audience appeal acceleration of response, bendability of account and bulk for money. This opens the way advanced for firms to outsource some of their non-core activities to accommodate a win-win bearings for clients, law firms and their staff.

With convenance ally analytic for actual acknowledgment on investment through new processes to save admired administering time for the workforce, could voicemail become a affair of the past?

Milan Zala of Outcom Limited, can be contacted on +44 (0) 208 590 7408 or by e-mail at [email protected]

© Milan Zala – 16 August 2006

Milan Zala MA (Cantab) – Managing Director and Founder

Mr Zala is a above advocate accepting formed in the City of London, including Linklaters and Sidley & Austin. He has all-encompassing ability of the able exchange and his acquaintance and acknowledgment spans boards of directors, top-tier management, and acknowledged entrepreneurs in ample alignment and all-embracing industries. His ambitious ability and appetite led him to actualize Outcom Limited, a advice casework aggregation advised by professionals for professionals to advice maximise ability and profits. He apprehend law at Queens’ College, Cambridge University, England.